Sunday, June 26, 2016

Shamanic Transformational Forest Hot Springs Hotel

Opportunity for you to have a Deeply Healing Shamanic Experience!

On the docket: James Hyman's Shamanic Retreat featuring Certified Practitioner Training Deep Emotional Release & Quantum-Theta Healing; Self-Healing Qigong Instruction; Shamanic Transformational Breathworkshop, and Esoteric Tarot Class with James Hyman, Meditative Yoga classes David Neil Jeffers; Integrated Pilates, Yoga, Somatic Movement Classes with Julie Rogers; Talent night of art, music, singing and poetry featuring James Hyman and Diane Pascual, me (and maybe you), and plenty of time daily for soaking, meditation and healing with the power of nature, solitude and silent reflection. Join us if you can.

Experience the healing power of Shamanic Transformational Emotional Release, Shamanic Breathwork, Self-Healing Medical Qigong, Meditative Yoga, Integrated Pilates, Yoga and Somatic Movement with Julie Rogers, and a night of music, art and poetry, with Diane Pascual, James Hyman, Ariel Hyman, and Barbara Hyman. 

Experience the healing power of Nature, at Rio Caliente Hot Springs Resort Hotel. Our group is fortunate, to have exclusive use of this property during our retreat. 

One week. One powerfully, transformative, healing, restorative, amazing week. Join us for the way we like to travel. High vibration! Alone, together. Shared solitude. 

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