Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shamanic Energy Healer, Quantum Theta Healing

Shaman Healer James Hyman shares with his daughter, Ariel
James Hyman, "Shamanic Energy Healer"  and founder of "Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing" has assisted thousands in identifying repressed emotional energy and releasing negative patterns from the subconscious mind and blocked energy from the body. For many, their Private phone or in person session with James is one of their lives' most transformational experiences.

All terms are subjective. "Shamanic Healer". "Quantum Theta Energy Healing". "Energy Healer". What do these terms mean? They have subjective and objective meanings. But all interpretations are subjective.

A Shamanic Healer is able to take you beyond the five senses. A shaman helps reveal to you things that you would otherwise be unable to perceive. This is one of the most exciting things about James Hyman's work. The surprises. Each session is different. He's asking you questions, and based on your answers, he's asking further questions and effectively taking you to the core of your emotional issues as he helps you release the blocked energy. Entering into that frequency of vibration is very empowering and healing.

This healing occurs in different energy fields that have been measured and proven with numerous high tech instrumentation. To believe that energy fields don't exist, would be akin to those who believed germs did not exist. Comical. Energy fields of the body and mind have been measured extensively, and can also be experienced first hand by anyone who is awake enough to even take a breath. Some people are very shallow, and unfortunately, stay there their whole lives. Others search for meaning and understand that bliss is a "human energy field" that can only be experienced in the Present Moment and frequently only in the "presence of a master", like "Shaman Healer",  James Hyman.

The "Quantum Field" is a scientific theory, first advanced by Einstein, that has been proven at places like MIT. It's been called "Universal Field of Intelligence", "Unified Field Theory", "String Theory". It's evidenced to the eye by the perfection of nature. It is the place where quantum physics meets religion, and we actually create something by witnessing it. In the Quantum Field of energy, a person can be free of chronic mental, emotional and physical pain. It is a definite field of energy, described by thousands, including Deepak Choprah and other teachers of Yoga and Meditation. I have personally experienced this energy field and have witnessed, spoken to and read about thousands of others who have experienced it as well. If you haven't experience it yet, I advise you to start meditating and looking for the right teachers to move you forward on your path of personal and healing evolution, because there is a lot more possible than what you're currently experiencing!

The "Theta Field" is a measurable mental state of consciousness which is experienced through deep relaxation and meditation. In this field of energy thoughts can be directed which can send strong positive messages to the subconscious mind.  This is a powerful state of manifestation and vision. In this frequency of mental energy, new insight can occur, and profound spiritual awareness. To get to this state on your own, may take years of intense work. However, most clients are able to achieve a "Theta State" during their session with James, since he has studied, mastered and been accredited in the technique of "Theta Healing", which he integrated, along with "Quantum Healing", "Matrix Energetics", "Self-Healing Chi Kung", "Qigong", or the "Yuen Method", and the "Cranial Release Technique", "Sedona Method" and more, into his existing profound, transformational, "Deep Emotional Release Bodywork" for skype, absent healing and in-person sessions that are for most people, a powerful, positive experience that takes their life to the next level.

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