Sunday, August 7, 2016

Deep Emotional Release Goes Quantum-Theta Healing!

Long considered by many to be one of the top practitioners in the world of Deep Emotional Release, James Hyman's work has evolved to incorporate Quantum Healing and Theta Healing, and become Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing. 

It used to be much more heavy on the Bodywork, and even though Jimmy is one of the world's best bodyworkers, due to his mastery of numerous systems of Shamanic Healing, Emotional Release, Self-Healing Medical Qigong, Cranial Release Technique, Matrix Energetics, Amanae, the Sedona Method, the Bars, and more, his in-person sessions have become much more energetic, and phone sessions have become much more powerful, due to the Emotional Release, and the Quantum-Theta aspect of the work. 

As Jimmy has known for many years, the emotions are the Gateways to the Higher Mind Centers. When the emotional energy is released, the chakras become clear of blocks and balanced, the higher mind centers and intuition become open, and a person, with guidance, is able to make a direct connection and experience the Quantum field of manifestation and enlightenment. 

Theta Healing helps clear the mental patterns, and attune the mind to a higher frequency of vibration that is accessed via meditation or quiet mind. By attaining Quiet Mind during the session, connecting with your empowered personal vision for your life, and attuning that vision into the Quantum Field of energy, you begin a process of evolution that will guide consciously and subconsciously guide you toward the clear, unencumbered and empowered vision for your life, that you connect with during your session with Jim.

Each in-person or phone Private Session with James begins where you are today, and takes your personal evolution work to a whole other level. 

If you've has powerful results from your first session with James, don't stop there. It works in layers, and each time, he takes you as far as you are ready to go. 

By adding life experience to the new insight gained during your session, or up until this point in your life, you're ready to take it to the next level during your next Private Session or Workshop with James.

Subtle and not so subtle consistent results achieved by James with clients in every session include:

  • Increased self-confidence and connection with Higher Self
  • Increased energy and creative self-expression
  • Increased connection with Spiritual Path
  • Increased Intuition, Inner Knowing and ability to meditate
Don't hesitate to call today for more information about this valuable and important work for our time.

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World renowned founder of the Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing, James Hyman has been offering Private Sessions, Workshops and Practitioner Trainings for the last 25 years, and has seen and transformed the lives of thousands of people all of the world. 

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