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Shamanic Energy Healer, Quantum Theta Healing

Shaman Healer James Hyman shares with his daughter, Ariel
James Hyman, "Shamanic Energy Healer"  and founder of "Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing" has assisted thousands in identifying repressed emotional energy and releasing negative patterns from the subconscious mind and blocked energy from the body. For many, their Private phone or in person session with James is one of their lives' most transformational experiences.

All terms are subjective. "Shamanic Healer". "Quantum Theta Energy Healing". "Energy Healer". What do these terms mean? They have subjective and objective meanings. But all interpretations are subjective.

A Shamanic Healer is able to take you beyond the five senses. A shaman helps reveal to you things that you would otherwise be unable to perceive. This is one of the most exciting things about James Hyman's work. The surprises. Each session is different. He's asking you questions, and based on your answers, he's asking further questions and effectively taking you to the core of your emotional issues as he helps you release the blocked energy. Entering into that frequency of vibration is very empowering and healing.

This healing occurs in different energy fields that have been measured and proven with numerous high tech instrumentation. To believe that energy fields don't exist, would be akin to those who believed germs did not exist. Comical. Energy fields of the body and mind have been measured extensively, and can also be experienced first hand by anyone who is awake enough to even take a breath. Some people are very shallow, and unfortunately, stay there their whole lives. Others search for meaning and understand that bliss is a "human energy field" that can only be experienced in the Present Moment and frequently only in the "presence of a master", like "Shaman Healer",  James Hyman.

The "Quantum Field" is a scientific theory, first advanced by Einstein, that has been proven at places like MIT. It's been called "Universal Field of Intelligence", "Unified Field Theory", "String Theory". It's evidenced to the eye by the perfection of nature. It is the place where quantum physics meets religion, and we actually create something by witnessing it. In the Quantum Field of energy, a person can be free of chronic mental, emotional and physical pain. It is a definite field of energy, described by thousands, including Deepak Choprah and other teachers of Yoga and Meditation. I have personally experienced this energy field and have witnessed, spoken to and read about thousands of others who have experienced it as well. If you haven't experience it yet, I advise you to start meditating and looking for the right teachers to move you forward on your path of personal and healing evolution, because there is a lot more possible than what you're currently experiencing!

The "Theta Field" is a measurable mental state of consciousness which is experienced through deep relaxation and meditation. In this field of energy thoughts can be directed which can send strong positive messages to the subconscious mind.  This is a powerful state of manifestation and vision. In this frequency of mental energy, new insight can occur, and profound spiritual awareness. To get to this state on your own, may take years of intense work. However, most clients are able to achieve a "Theta State" during their session with James, since he has studied, mastered and been accredited in the technique of "Theta Healing", which he integrated, along with "Quantum Healing", "Matrix Energetics", "Self-Healing Chi Kung", "Qigong", or the "Yuen Method", and the "Cranial Release Technique", "Sedona Method" and more, into his existing profound, transformational, "Deep Emotional Release Bodywork" for skype, absent healing and in-person sessions that are for most people, a powerful, positive experience that takes their life to the next level.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deep Emotional Release and Quantum-Theta Healing

I still remember the story I used to tell, before I met "James Hyman, healer", and experienced "The Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum Theta Healing". The stories. I couldn't stop telling them. Relationships had their own patterns, as if I had no power to stop them from going in the same direction they'd always gone. My career, despite my wanting to change, to begin doing "something meaningful" remained the same without change year after year. And then I met "James Hyman". Just twenty minutes of work on a Blue Moon in Aspen, and my life had changed. When I returned to my beach pad in Hollywood Florida, I was a different girl.
I didn't know then that James was a gifted and talent intuitive healer, with numerous Master Trainings already under his belt. I did know that day that I met James twenty years ago, that I would always want to have him in my life as a friend and trusted advisor, as he is to so many thousands of others.
In Private Sessions with clients, James is applying The Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing in an integrated technique that brings together profound and effective systems of healing that release blocked energy and negative patterns from the body and the subconscious mind simultaneously.

Here's a video of Healer James Hyman speaking about his work on youtube.

The Deep Emotional Release Bodywork works with the "chakras", "the subconscious mind", and the energy fields of the body to identify and release repressed emotional energy, and access higher frequencies of vibration.

Releasing blockages in the "chakras" does much to "balance the chakras", and "release" negative patterns in thought and behavior. People frequently ask "James Hyman healer" about "absent healing" or "distant healing", which, after extensive training in "Quantum Healing" and "Theta Healing", James Hyman mastered bringing this powerful energy into the "Deep Emotional Release Bodywork", which had already earned him national acclaim.
Being known for "chakra healing", many people don't know "James Hyman, healer" as a master of Chinese Chi Gong. As a healer, "Shaman, James Hyman" brought "Cranial Release Technique" into his transformational, healing work.
"Cranial Release Technique" (CRT) is a natural, hands-on approach to releasing the body’s inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself. CRT can be applied in only minutes, yet it has profound effects on overall health and well-being.

"Cranial Release Technique" works to restore proper function to the nervous system and proper balance to body structure. Thus, it has positive effects on conditions ranging from aches and pains to overall health and wellness.

Every day, testimonials such as this one from Lucy in Culver City. "I had the pleasure of being a part of a group of women in Culver City who all experienced healer James Hyman's work about a year ago. To this day, it's been one of the most powerful experiences ever... thank you so very much for your healing!"

Techniques "healer James Hyman" has mastered, such as "Quantum Healing", "Theta Healing", "Matrix Energetics", "Chinese Chi Gong Healing", such as the "Yuen Method", a powerful system of self-healing qigong, integrated into his internationally famous Deep Emotional Release Bodywork, created a powerful system of "Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing" that brings about powerful, deep, lasting "emotional healing" and "Quantum-theta healing" as well. www.emotionalrelease.com

Saturday, April 7, 2012

James Hyman and others ask, Why is Alternative Medicine the Alternative?

Why is "alternative medicine" the alternative? Healer James Hyman discusses his work.

More people are seeking  "Reiki", "Healing", "Homeopathic", "healing hands", "healing touch", "alternative therapies",  and "complementary therapies", as a "cure for cancer", or other "natural therapy" as a "cure for anxiety" disease, physical or psycho-spiritual ailment.
Ever since the 1960’s, "energy healer" James Hyman, as an early student of "Stanislav Grof",  "shaman", Roger LaChance, Christine Day, and hundreds of masters, is currently known as being a “shamanic healer,” or a “shamanic energy healer” and offers his healing, creative work in online, skype and in person transformational, healing sessions.

James Hyman has identified a way, as an "energy healer", to "release blocks" and other "negative patterns" from the “human energy field”. Because he studied hundreds of systems of "energy healing', "shaman healing" and "emotional release", he calls his work "Deep Emotional Release" and “quantum theta energy healing.”

People are referring more and more to complementary and alternative medicine as the information that organizations like the AMA and the FDA and other government organizations have "suppressed highly effective natural medicine and alternative medicine therapies" and other valuable information relating "healthy natural cures".

Holistic therapies  were taught in most medical schools until 1910, when John D. Rockefeller and the AMA decided to denounce  natural/holistic therapies and embraced drug-based medicine. During the 19th century, homeopathy (a discipline of natural medicine) flourished, and death rates from cholera, typhoid, and scarlet fever in homeopathic hospitals were between 1/2 and 1/8 of those in conventional (allopathic) hospitals. Yet, when the American Medical Association was founded in 1847, a clause was placed in its code of ethics stating that any member who consulted with a homeopath would be kicked out of the membership. Doctors who did were indeed banished from the newly formed, powerful organization.

Congress followed their recommendations and empowered the American Medical Association (AMA) to certify or de-certify any medical school in the country on the grounds of whether or not that school met the AMA’s standards of “approved” medicine. Thus, the natural/holistic healing schools and communities were decimated, and the number of medical schools dropped from 600 to 50 within 15 years. The AMA gained a new foothold of power to decide what is and isn’t medicine, and has worked ever since to discredit, persecute and outlaw natural therapies.

Rockefeller and the Carnegie Institute bankrolled a study by a high school science teacher, Abraham Flexner, who clearly doubted the scientific validity of all forms of medicine other than the use of treatments such as vaccines to prevent and cure illness, and any alternative treatments as tantamount to "quackery" and "charlatanism". Medical schools that training in the healing arts, were told either to drop these courses from their curriculum or lose their accreditation and underwriting support. A few schools resisted for a time, but eventually all complied with the Flexner Report or shut their doors.

Healing Hands, Online Healing, Phone and Skype Sessions

James Hyman makes you laugh til you cry, and cry til you laugh!
Online or Skype healing sessions with James Hyman is for most people, one of their lives' most transformational experiences. We are so blessed to have him on the planet at this time, for online healing, spiritual counseling, emotional healing, Theta Healing, and what he has come to call Quantum-Theta Healing... healing that happens in the moment, based on new insight, and the release of negative patterns and blocked energy from the past.

James Hyman has been called a Chakra Therapist, energy healer, shaman, and "one of the best men to ever walk this valley of tears". A world famous psychic, referring his clients to James, said James Hyman was one of maybe 5 people on the planet doing the level of work that he does, where in just one or two sessions, "he can help a person reach the core of the personal empowerment and reveal to them their creative gifts and most powerful personal expression, enabling them to live their life to its fullest". 

Known as a master of healing arts, James Hyman is known for his healing hands, as a world famous energy healer, who offers online skype and phone sessions. How can a chakra therapy be achieved online? Those who understand Matrix Energetics and Theta Healing know, that skills mastered physically can be performed energetically with focused attention. James studied Theta Healing, Quantum Healing, Matrix Energetics the Yuen Method, in addition to hundreds of other forms of Emotional Release and Self-healing in order to bring about his powerful Deep Emotional Release Quantum-Theta Healing to be offered via transformational healing SKYPE and Phone Sessions, as well as in-person sessions. 

During your Phone or SKYPE session, James is helping you work with your body's energy fields, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind simultaneously to help you quickly and effectively identify and release blocked energy, past trauma, negative patterns and negative belief systems. For most people, the session brings increased energy, mental clarity, new insight, and new creative expression as well as increased relaxation and hopefulness. For many people their session with James is considered by them to be a "life-changing event", helping them move their lives forward in a much more positive way than if they hadn't had their transformational session with James.

Having worked with thousands of clients over a 30 year period, James is a qualified and recognized master in his field, who has worked with some of the most well known people in the fields of entertainment and personal growth. Most people with James' skill price their work out of the reach of most people today, but James Hyman has strived to keep his work affordable for as many people as possible to experience his rare and empowering work.

For more information, or to schedule your transformational healing online distant phone or skype session, You can call or email James, at (323) 684-6157, or info@emotionalrelease.com, or visit his website, www.emotionalrelease.com


James Hyman Working on Client
Healing, defined by the New World dictionary is at least by one definition to restore (a person) to spiritual wholeness, to restore to health or soundness. To become whole and sound; return to health.

James Hyman, healer, shaman, and founder of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum-Theta Healing, has studied and practiced this work for over 30 years, acquiring numerous Certificates of Mastery in numerous fields of alternative healing.

After doing graduate work in the field of human ethology, James abandoned his non-published dissertation when the original document was lost in a suitcase in Spain. Returned to him was his classical guitar. At that time, he abandoned his graduate studies and plans for medical school and fulfilled a lifelong dream to study Classical Flamenco with the Gypsies. His mastery of this style of guitar is a gift to hear.

Shaman healer, James Hyman has never stopped studying since those early days as a Graduate Fellow in Human Bio-Psychology and Bio-Chemistry at the University of Colorado. Except, instead of focusing his double Gemini intensive abilities at traditional Western Medicine, he studied hundreds of systems of esoteric emotional healing, shamanic healing, emotional release, self-healing Chinese Qigong, Matrix Energetics, Cranial Release Technique and other forms of healing bodywork and energy work.

While studying and becoming an Ordained Minister in the Spiritus Church and attaining a DD, or Doctor of Divinity, healer James Hyman was also a busy practitioner, offering private one-on-one and online healing sessions to thousands over a 30 year period. Clients report feeling lighter, more empowered with increased energy, relaxation and clarity after their transformational healing session with James. James' work is unique, in that one session is enough to experience lasting and life-changing results.

Those who have been fortunate to have had healing sessions with James know the answer to the question, what is healing. Healing, soundness, and spiritual wholeness is how the word is defined, and this is what clients report feeling after their session with James.

Clients say they feel the world would be a better place if everyone were able to have a healing session with shaman healer, James Hyman, because his work helps bring you new energy, awaken you, and bring you to life!

Don't miss this rare opportunity to work one-on-one with a master teacher and healer who is able to help you identify and go to the core of your emotional issues and release the blocked energy held in the body and the subconscious mind simultaneously. That is the power of James work, and why his special psychic and intuitive skill comes to play in every session. He's able to see where you are, where you've been, and where you have the potential to go.

Some of the top psychics, healers, yoga teachers, and performers in the world have availed themselves of James Hyman's healing to help them move forward in their lives, and you can too. James makes sure his fees are based on what people can afford. He's here to help, serve and contribute. To many, he is one of the most powerful healers on the planet today.

At 64 years old, we're blessed to have healer, James Hyman among us. As one client recently put it, "James is one of the best men that ever walked this valley of tears". You can call or email James, at (323) 684-6157, or info@emotionalrelease.com, or visit his website, www.emotionalrelease.com