Saturday, April 7, 2012

Healing Hands, Online Healing, Phone and Skype Sessions

James Hyman makes you laugh til you cry, and cry til you laugh!
Online or Skype healing sessions with James Hyman is for most people, one of their lives' most transformational experiences. We are so blessed to have him on the planet at this time, for online healing, spiritual counseling, emotional healing, Theta Healing, and what he has come to call Quantum-Theta Healing... healing that happens in the moment, based on new insight, and the release of negative patterns and blocked energy from the past.

James Hyman has been called a Chakra Therapist, energy healer, shaman, and "one of the best men to ever walk this valley of tears". A world famous psychic, referring his clients to James, said James Hyman was one of maybe 5 people on the planet doing the level of work that he does, where in just one or two sessions, "he can help a person reach the core of the personal empowerment and reveal to them their creative gifts and most powerful personal expression, enabling them to live their life to its fullest". 

Known as a master of healing arts, James Hyman is known for his healing hands, as a world famous energy healer, who offers online skype and phone sessions. How can a chakra therapy be achieved online? Those who understand Matrix Energetics and Theta Healing know, that skills mastered physically can be performed energetically with focused attention. James studied Theta Healing, Quantum Healing, Matrix Energetics the Yuen Method, in addition to hundreds of other forms of Emotional Release and Self-healing in order to bring about his powerful Deep Emotional Release Quantum-Theta Healing to be offered via transformational healing SKYPE and Phone Sessions, as well as in-person sessions. 

During your Phone or SKYPE session, James is helping you work with your body's energy fields, your conscious mind and your subconscious mind simultaneously to help you quickly and effectively identify and release blocked energy, past trauma, negative patterns and negative belief systems. For most people, the session brings increased energy, mental clarity, new insight, and new creative expression as well as increased relaxation and hopefulness. For many people their session with James is considered by them to be a "life-changing event", helping them move their lives forward in a much more positive way than if they hadn't had their transformational session with James.

Having worked with thousands of clients over a 30 year period, James is a qualified and recognized master in his field, who has worked with some of the most well known people in the fields of entertainment and personal growth. Most people with James' skill price their work out of the reach of most people today, but James Hyman has strived to keep his work affordable for as many people as possible to experience his rare and empowering work.

For more information, or to schedule your transformational healing online distant phone or skype session, You can call or email James, at (323) 684-6157, or, or visit his website,

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  1. oh it is nice idea to get healing tips by online. Online therapy about chakra is the best way to know the right way of chakra balancing. thankssss James Hyman Online Chakra Balancing